A Hands-on Guide for Meaningful Conversations with God

This is a practical book designed to transform your conversations with God from distant and religious into meaningful and authentic dialogues. Deeply rooted in Scripture, this book gives hands-on tools for interacting with God through the everyday stuff of life. Each chapter contains “Conversation Starters”—simple biblical application and a roadmap for dialogue—to jump start your talks with God.


In this book, I help the reader see how the Holy Spirit relates in our daily living in supernatural, practical and transformational ways. This book is loaded with personal stories of the Holy Spirit working in people’s lives, along with sound Biblical applications. It’s a beautiful symphony of practical, powerful and essential engagement with the Holy Spirit!

This book is to help followers of Christ learn how the Holy Spirit works in our daily living, while encouraging each reader to experience the presence and power of the Spirit. This is a massively practical book about walking with the Holy Spirit throughout all of our life, regardless of the challenges, seasons or mishaps that we all experience.

– Sarah Bowling

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Mark E. Moore

Every relationship has pivot points where a difficult conversation is inevitable—including our relationship with God. But how can we have a DTR (Define the Relationship) with the Divine? Sarah tackles this topic with her typical wit and grace. Hey God, Can We Talk? is a template for honesty with God when it matters most.

Mark E. Moore, PhD
Author, Core 52
Teaching Pastor, Christ’s Church of the Valley

R. T. Kendall

My friend Sarah Bowling has written a book that will bring you into a closer relationship with God than you have ever known. Here is a no-nonsense book that is designed to honor God—both the Word and Spirit—and will bring you joy. If it is intimacy with the Spirit you want, this is your book.

R. T. Kendall
Author, Total Forgiveness

Heidi G. Baker

Jesus is the Vine and we are the branches. All fruitfulness flows from intimacy with Him. To grow in intimacy and bear fruit, we need to hear God’s voice and follow His ways. Sarah Bowling is a faithful friend of Jesus with a huge heart for the Body of Christ. Her book Hey God, Can We Talk? provides step-by-step methods to hear His voice. Sarah delves deeply into the lives of biblical heroes, vulnerably shares her story, and interviews friends to present many ways of building relationship with God. I am grateful for Sarah’s life and for her passion to help everyone hear God’s voice. Read this book, find yourself in the story, and experiment with the Conversation Starters. I pray God will speak to you clearly as you find the model that is right for you. You are created for intimacy and fruitfulness!

Heidi G. Baker, PhD
Iris Global Co-founder and Executive Chairman of the Board

Dianne Leman

How do I talk with God? As a pastor for more than forty years, I can affirm that this is one of the most frequently asked questions from those who want to have a deeper relationship with God. This book not only provides the practical how-to help for conversing with God, but is also firmly rooted in the stories of Scripture. Sarah’s enthusiasm and life experience make for a compelling and life-changing read. Start talking with God today.

Dianne Leman
Founding Pastor, The Vineyard Church of Central Illinois

Ashley Abercrombie

Sarah is a deep well, and her love for people can be felt in the pages of her book, Hey God, Can We Talk? Talking to God can leave us with a sense of overwhelm, underwhelm, or even loneliness; and while Sarah acknowledges the challenges we face in learning to engage with God, she encourages us to grow in our dialogue with ourselves, God, and others. Rather than commands, monologues, or one-sided relationships, we can learn from Scripture and our personal experience how to lean into reciprocal, honest, and fulfilling relationships. Whatever your faith tradition, this book will help you on your journey, and is a great gift for friends.

Ashley Abercrombie
Author, Rise of the Truth Teller Co-host, Why Tho Podcast

Sheila Walsh

Sarah writes from the deepest places of the heart and soul. If you struggle to know how to talk to God when life makes no sense, here is a powerful conversation starter.

Sheila Walsh
Author, TV Host, Bible Teacher


Sarah Bowling is on a mission to connect everyone with the heart of God while living genuine love. Led by the Holy Spirit and anchored in the Word, Sarah seeks to inspire all to know the unconditional and transformational love of God in our daily lives. She is a discerning Bible teacher, an international speaker, and a global humanitarian.

Sarah co-hosts with her mother, Marilyn Hickey, a daily television program, Today with Marilyn and Sarah, reaching a potential daily audience of 2.2 billion households worldwide.

Sarah has authored numerous books including: How to Keep Your Faith in an Upside Down World; Hanging by a Thread: The Saving Moses Journey; Jesus Chicks; Heavenly Help; In Step with the Spirit; Jesus is God’s Selfie; and Save Your Fork—There’s More!

Sarah is the founder of Saving Moses, a global humanitarian organization saving babies (five years and under) every day by meeting the most urgent and intense survival needs where help is least available. Saving Moses funds and establishes revolutionary programs in nations of the world that record the highest infant mortality rate and where babies of sex workers are most susceptible to exploitation.

Sarah and her husband, Reece, have three children and are lead pastors of Encounter Church in Denver, Colorado.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Oral Roberts University and a Master of Arts degree from the University of Missouri.